10 Minute Total Ab Workout

Need a quick ab workout you can do anytime, anywhere? We’ve go you covered!  These exercises are designed to target all of the abdominal muscles to keep you looking good and feeling strong. Whether you just missed your workout, are on vacation or just want to work the core a bit harder, try this 10 minute total ab workout!



To your health & happiness,

Erykah Flynn


How To Do a Perfect Push-Up

WNuFitness Kailuahen a push-up is performed correctly it makes it one of the most effective exercises out there. Although it is considered a basic move, when done correctly it is a total body exercise that targets nearly the entire body!

The Do’s…

1. Get into a high plank position. 

Hands: Place your hands on the ground directly under your shoulders. Then walk them out an inch or two wider then your shoulders.

Arms: Slide your shoulders down away from your ears and keep them there. Keep your middle finger pointing straight forward and your elbows pulling slightly in towards your ribcage.

Body: Suck your belly button into your spine to brace your abs. Then engage all of the muscles in the legs, particularly the glutes and hamstrings. Now you should be in a strong plank position.

2. Lower your body.

Keeping your body in a strong, fully engaged plank position, begin to lower you b down towards the ground. Gaze slightly forward to keep your neck and head inline with your spine. Your body should remain in a perfectly straight line from head to toe. Keep those shoulders pulling down away from your ears and your elbows about centered between your ribs and your shoulders. You should feel your elbows pulling slightly towards your ribcage. Stop just before your chest hits the ground.

3. Push back up.

Keeping your core engaged and maintaining the same form, exhale as you push back to the starting position. Then Repeat!

The Don’ts…

1. Don’t let your low back sag or arch.

In order to get the most out of your push-ups you need to keep your low back from sagging or arching. When your hips are directly inline with you spin in a strong plank position you will be using your entire body to do pushups and in turn will get much better results. If your hips are sagging that mean your core is not working and your upper body movement will be limited. Also, it can be hard on your lower back. You should never feel like your hips are going closer to the ground than your chest.

2. Flaring your arms out.

Letting your arms pop out to 90 degrees (so that your elbows are inline with your shoulders) is not only tough on the shoulders but it can even cause shoulder problems. Also, when are elbows are up to high, the wrong muscle groups start working resulting in an in-effective exercise. Keep those elbows tucked closer to about 20-45 degrees from your rib cage.

3. Don’t cheat yourself

The key is quality over quantity. Make sure each push up reaches a full range of motion by letting your chest drop as close to the ground as you can and then pushing all the way back up until you elbows are fully extended. Decreased range of motion will work less muscle and burn less calories resulting in a far less effective exercise.

Can’t wait to see you in class perfecting your pushups! If your not already signed up then do so here http://www.NuFitnessLifestyle.com.

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Erykah Flynn & Marissa Pastrana

Get Comfortable in Your Seat!

Spin Class Kailua

In-door cycling is perfect for both beginners and seasoned pros. Spinning is one of the few options that burn a ton of calories while keeping the impact on the body low. In our spin classes you will shed fat, improve cardiovascular health, tone, shape and strengthen your legs and have a blast working out with friends.

Follow these guidelines to keep your body safe from injury and get the most efficient workout you can during SPIN.

Setting Up Your Bike

1) Get to know your bike! Locate all the knobs and figure out which ones you turn or pull.

2) Adjust the height of your saddle (seat) up or down.

Stand next to your bike, feet flat on the ground. Adjust the seat to be level with your hip. If you can’t locate your hip lift your thigh to a 90-degree angle until it is level with the floor (make sure your hips are squared off evenly to the ground!). Raise or lower the saddle until it is in line with the center of your leg.

Things to know: Low seats can add undue pressure to your knees. When pedaling, your legs should straighten but not lock out.

3) Adjust the saddle forwards or backwards.

You want the top of your knee parallel with the tip of your toes. Pedal until both feet are level. In this position you should be able to draw an imaginary straight line from the top of your knee to the tip of your toe.

If your saddle is to far back it can be hard on your back. If it is to far forward it can be hard on you knees.

4) Adjust your handle bars.

Your handle bars should be aligned with your saddle.

Handle bars are to assist your ride. All the weight should be in your legs. If you have back injuries or are pregnant raise your handle bars slightly.

Your Ride

1) As you get comfortable on your bike start to focus on how you pedal.

Focus on pedaling with a flat foot by shifting your weight back into your hips and pushing down through your heals (as opposed to pushing through you toes). This will help to take the pressure out of your knees and quads and put it more into the glutes.

Also, focus on letting your hamstrings (backside of the legs) do some of the work. You can achieve this by slightly pulling up on the pedals during each rotation. You should feel a simultaneous push down through one heal and pulling up with the opposite foot. This method will target all muscles of the legs!

2) When standing:

Be sure to increase the resistance when standing in order to keep the impact on the joints low. Also, keep your hips right above the seat to prevent you from leaning over the handle bars. This will help to keep the proper muscles working and to keep the impact off your knees.

Now it’s time to get singed up for your next SPIN class at NuFitness! If you have any questions just ask your instructor.


To your health & happiness,

Erykah Flynn